Holy Ghost Town

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Beneath The Golden Moon
Terlingua Blues
Solomon’s Child
The Last Time I Saw Jesus

The Streets Of Jericho
Holy Ghost Town
Hank's 'Ole Dusty Road Rag

Beneath The Golden Moon – Hank Woji

© 2001 Thundering Waves Music all rights reserved

Some call it paradise, some come to call it home
Some come here just to dance, beneath a starry dome
Some come to laugh and play, some just to hide away
Some seek to find their way, beneath the golden moon

Some say it’s so obscure, some say it’s crystal clear
Sometimes so far away, somedays it seems so near
Some come to ride the wind, some sail across the sea
Some chase the rainbows end beneath the golden moon

Some hear a symphony, some hear a siren’s song
Some hear a joyfull tune, we all can sing along
Some wish upon a star some trace the comet’s tail
While I play this old guitar, beneath the golden moon

Many dreams have I dreamed, many friends have I lost
Still your voice it rings true
Many oceans I’ve sailed, many rivers I’ve crossed
I keep coming back to you
I’m coming home to you

Some are not what they seem,
some don’t know why they came
And one lost his own true love, he’ll never be the same
Some come to face their fears,
some come to live their dreams

Sometimes a child appears, beneath the golden moon

Solomon's Child– Hank Woji

© 2001 Thundering Waves Music ASCAP all rights reserved


Solomon told me, don’t be afraid
I’ll come to your rescue, lend ya some aid
Just send up a signal now, show me a sign
I’ll come a runnin’, Boy, be there in time

Solomon told me, this world ain’t so tough
Life is so easy, it’s the livin’ that’s rough
Now there’s doers and dreamers, and you must decide
But if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride

That’s what Solomon told me, said it plain as day
Solomon told me, I’ll show you the way

Solomon told me, the path is right here
Your footsteps will find it, your eyes must be clear
But take heed of the children, they’ll show you the way
Work is the question, the answer is play

Solomon told me, you must take a chance
Find one who moves you, a partner to dance
Someone is waitin now, someone so true
You’re lookin for her, ……she’s lookin at you


Chorus Repeat

Solomon told me, just call out my name
When trials put upon you, drive you insane
Fear will divide us all, hold us apart
Find the true answer Son, just look to your heart

Solomon told me, I’ll take you for a ride
Cross the River Jordan now, over to the other side
Tryin times we live in , streets runnin wild
But the future’s in your hands, and so is the child

That’s what Solomon told me, said it plain as day
Solomon told me I’ll show you the way
Solomon told me, that’s what I heard him say
Solomon told me I’ll show you the way 

The Last Time I Saw Jesus– Hank Woji

© 20011 Thundering Waves Music ASCAP all rights reserved


Last time I saw Jesus he was walkin’ in the rain
He crossed the tracks and headed south, just before the train
His steps were slow and easy, like he didn’t have a care
And wasn’t in no hurry to be goin’ anywhere

Like every time I’d seen him, there was Mary by his side
He was her one and own true love, in him she did confide
Now, she was just a working girl, that no one understood
She stood by him through thick and thin, and he knew she always would

Some say he was a prophet, some say he was a king
Some say he was a Son of God, some say he’s no such thing
He left us all a mystery, that’s yet to be explained
But, the last time I saw Jesus he was walkin’ in the rain

Last time I saw Jesus, a crowd of people stopped and stared
Most seemed to look right through him, like he wasn’t even there
Some thought he looked familiar, but they didn’t know his name
The rest were all too busy seeking fortune in their games


So many true believers, Yet so few who understand
All the things he said and did, though try the best they can
Cause, Heaven is right here on earth, it’s just a state of mind
And in the end we all go home, no one gets left behind


The last time I saw Jesus, He was walkin’ up a hill
Some folks say he’s comin’ back, but I don’t think he will
He said all that he had to say, did all that he could do
He set us on a path of peace, then he bid us all adieu


The Streets Of Jericho– Hank Woji

© 2005 Thundering Waves Music ASCAP all rights reserved


Heard the thunder rollin’   Fire come rainin’ from the sky
Earth beneath my feet a tremblin’   Wind was whippin’ banners high
Trust of ages has been broken   Blood of prophets has been shed
Gates of Eden closed behind us   To the desert night we fled

A gypsy woman told me 
Be on your way,
there isn’t far to go
You’ll find the truth you’re seekin’   
When you walk the streets of Jericho

Seven days and seven wonders   Seven candles in the wind
Stolen treasure of the heavens   Journey to the rivers end
Mystic visions casting shadows  Ancient wisdom cloaked in rhyme
Distant voices lost to mem’ry   Dreams of glory lost in time

The Abyssinian princess 
And the Lion, on a throne of gold
They showed me where to find you 
When I walk the streets of Jericho

The sacred sign and seal  
The truth so long concealed
Behind a cryptic verse and so revealed
From days of Babylon  
To reign of Prester John
The Temple Knights have come and now they’re gone

A leap of faith for true believers  
A quest for power beyond belief
Many seek but few have tasted   Wine and wisdom bittersweet

The old man in the shadows 
Seems to know what I need to know
He told me I would know you
When I walk the streets of Jericho

Holy Ghost Town – Hank Woji

© 2011 Thundering Waves Music ASCAP all rights reserved


Out here in the desert where dust devils dance
Nights are so starry and filled with romance
A skyway of diamonds that sparkles and shines
When the full moon’s a risin’ hear those coyotes whine

Out here in the desert where rattlesnakes roam
Horned toads and scorpions just call it their home
Where red racers race, and road runners run
And tarantulas cross dusty roads just for fun

And down in Terlingua, when the sun’s sinkin’ low
The Chisos are bathed in a heavenly glow
We all sit on the porch, watch the sun goin’ down
Share some beers and some laughs in this holy ghost town


Out here in the desert when a storm’s blowin’ in
Smell it comin’ for miles on that creosote wind
Just ten inches of rain, in a year so they say
But you’ll really see somethin’, if you’re here on that day


Out here in the desert there’s always folks movin’ in
They just stay for a while then they move out again
Yeah, they thought they found heaven, till it tuned into hell
When the merc’ry shot up to a hundred and twelve

Chorus – last line 2X