Track 1 – Beneath The Golden Moon (3:37)

Track 2 – Terlingua Blues (4:01)

Track 3 – Solomon’s Child (4:21)

Track 4 – The Last Time I Saw Jesus (4:52)

Track 5 – Deal (3:25)

Track 6 – The Streets Of Jericho (5:21)

Track 7 – Holy Ghost Town (4:05)

Track 8 – Hank’s Ole Dusty Road Rag (1:48)

Sometimes you just need a bread-and-butter, honest-to-God country song. No tricks, no affectations, no superbly hidden self consciousness. Sometimes, you just need a song. For those times, Hank Woji is your man. “Holy Ghost Town” is a solid example of today’s Americana…
– Adobe & Teardrops

Mostly self-written, and this man is some songwriter, this album is a pure delight… My favourite track is The Last Time I Saw Jesus… It is a very well-written song as is The Streets Of Jericho, another with a biblical title line. Both songs are more about life in West Texas and the people you meet there than anything else…”Holy Ghost Town” is a mighty fine album. – Maverick Magazine

[“Holy Ghost Town” is] Awash in descriptive lyrics that seep into one’s senses invitingly, and like good whisky it has a mellow and relaxing feel to it as generous helpings of mandolin, Dobro, violin, harmony vocals and harmonica help see a little piece of Texas be transported worldwide.
– Flying Shoes Review