Hank Woji’s new album ‘Highways, Gamblers, Devils & Dreams’ offers 23 folk and country based Americana tracks with 18 self-penned songs and 5 preciously selected covers. The highest quality of lyrics and music is guaranteed by this brilliant Texas based troubadour on his official 6th release as a solo performer.“ – Valére Sampermans, Rootstime, Belgium

“Woji is an old school Americana folk troubadour, his voice grained by desert winds and sands, his tunes stained by pedal steel, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica and banjo alongside the ever present acoustic guitars…This is indeed a highly, and repeatably, listenable collection and while the past 5 albums have been mostly embraced by his West Texas audiences, this surely warrants a far more international profile.” Mike Davies, Fatea Magazine, UK

What Hank Woji has done beyond just singing songs, is that he’s conceptualized the tales in some respects that were not originally related, but are now. It’s a painting, it’s a quilt, a mosaic of music and lyrics that have become in Hank’s hands a short story about what America should be.” – John Apice, Americana Highways, UK

After listening to this album many times, I find it full of surprises. I believe that Hank Woji has presented a fantastic statement with a varied palette of Americana: folk, bluegrass, rock, jazz, blues, gospel, pop, soul, ska, Texmex. A gem of a pair of CDs. Need I say it again: This is a hell of a project from an underrated singer-songwriter. It’s in my top 10 of 2023”Fred Schmale, Real Roots Café, Netherlands

“Anyone who loves traditional music will want to hear [Highways, Gamblers, Devils and Dreams] by Woji. The writing feels effortlessly country, keeping to the themes laid out in the title. The music might not be urgent, but it wasn’t trying to be. It’s comfortable, heart-warming Americana/country. When Woji steps into blues and even gospel, the album proves itself to not be one-note but a deep swim in the waters of Americana.” – Maverick Magazine, UK  

“This album pushes the boundaries of the Americana genre. Hank Woji is an interesting singer/songwriter whose work on the album Highways, Gamblers, Devils and Dreams shows his nomadic disposition (15 different studios in 8 states). It may seem that the album is a bit scattered but I think the evolution that the genre of new Americana has gone through is well reflected here. Rating 4 out of 5.”Musikbloggen 67, Hemifrån, Sweden

“This is music with genuine fire in its belly and a message of hope at its core.…every track holds a passionate, albeit often dark, message and yet remains firmly optimistic…Woji is a guy worth catching and ‘The Working Life’ has considerable merit for lovers of traditional folk-roots-based music.” — Music News Nashvile, USA

“ ‘There Was A Time’ is a great example of Texan troubadouring. With Woji channelling the greats including Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Woody Guthrie…this is a fine rootsy album…Anyone who digs acoustic Earle, John Prine or Butch Hancock will find much here to whet their whistle…” — Blabber ‘n’ Smoke, Scotland

“Sometimes you just need a bread-and-butter, honest-to-God country song. No tricks, no affectations, no superbly hidden self consciousness. Sometimes, you just need a song. For those times, Hank Woji is your man. ‘Holy Ghost Town’ is a solid example of today’s Americana…” — Adobe & Teardrops, USA

“His troubadour style also comes very close to the style of Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger, or as we heard on ‘Nebraska,’ the intimate, reduced-to-its-essence record from Bruce Springsteen…’There Was a Time’ from Hank Woji is simply a fine and intimate work within its genre.” — Rootstime, Belgium

“ ‘There Was A Time’ is an outstanding album in the best tradition of the Texas troubadours like Guy Clarke, Townes Van Zandt and Butch Hancock and it can surely be said that Hank Woji can really sit in the same room of those legendary artists…I really love the songs…” — Massimo Ferro, Radio Voce Spazi, Italy

“[‘Holy Ghost Town’ is] Awash in descriptive lyrics that seep into one’s senses invitingly, and like good whisky it has a mellow and relaxing feel to it as generous helpings of mandolin, Dobro, violin, harmony vocals and harmonica help see a little piece of Texas be transported worldwide.” — Flying Shoes Review, UK

“[Hank Woji] walks in the footsteps of figureheads such as Townes Van Zandt and Woody Guthrie…the influence of John Prine is also apparent…If you love simple songs that explore the classic singer-songwriters’ themes, brought to you by a man with fine voice and a single guitar, then Hank Woji is perfect for you.” — Beale Street, Belgium

“In the tradition of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen, but certainly with his own voice and with powerful songs… with the marvelous arrangements, a lovely, soulful voice and convincing ability, he knows how to give you a few goose bump moments…” — Moors Magazine, Netherlands

“…an inspired collection of 15 acoustic guitar driven folk/rock songs. His understated Lyle Lovett-style vocal approach perfectly compliments the material and the mood it sets…The sound is warm and consistent…‘American Dreams’ is a genuine offering from a thought-provoking artist.” — Houston Music News, TX

“[‘There Was A Time’] is a rich combination of elements of folk, blues, R&B and country…at times on such songs as ‘Warm East Texas Rain’, he sounds like a dead-ringer for Steve Earle. The production is rootsy and basic…Neatly fits into the Americana bag and is well worth seeking out.” — Maverick Country Magazine, UK

“Hank Woji’s third album is a low-key congenial affair sporting seven Woji originals nestling comfortably among Texas favorite ‘Deep Elum Blues,’ ‘My Last Ole Dollar,’ Woody Guthrie’s ‘Jesus Christ’ and Townes Van Zandt’s ‘Loretta.’…His voice and approach occasionally recall Steve Forbert’s engaging warmth…” — Sing Out!, USA

“Hank Woji’s second album [‘American Dreams’] is acoustic-wielding, sharply observed, Americana all the way…Jersey-Born Woji certainly shares something of Springsteen’s recognisable vocal cadences, strained passion and everyman narrative…” — AmericanaUK, UK

“After his remarkable last album ‘American Dreams’…he is already releasing his third, ‘There Was a Time.’ This CD clearly has a bluesy Americana sound. Once again, this Bard succeeds with an impressive but simple album in the best tradition of American folk music in the style of a Springsteen or a Seeger”. — Folkworld, Germany

“ ‘There Was a Time’ is the third album by Hank Woji. It is also the closest to the bone, a melange of folk and blues, close in spirit to early Dylan, early Andersen, Townes Van Zandt, and even Springsteen’s Nebraska…an interesting album which should hook Coyote’s fans of songwriters” — Le Cri Du Coyote, France