Track 1 – Punchin’ That Clock (3:36)

Track 2 – The Pigs At The Trough (5:14)

Track 3 – When The Waves Come Crashin’ Over The Wall (3:48)

Track 4 – Come Join A Union! (4:22)

Track 5 – Livin’ On The Edge (5:11)

Track 6 – Chasin’ My Headlights Again (3:01)

Track 7 – Talkin’ Bout A Revolution (3:34)

Track 8 – My Last Will (2:13)

Track 9 – I Ought To Know (4:45)

Track 10 – Yuletide Blues (4:56)

Track 11 – There Was A Crooked Man (3:30)

Track 13 – Factory (2:38)

This is music with genuine fire in its belly and a message of hope at its core.…every track holds a passionate, albeit often dark, message and yet remains firmly optimistic…Woji is a guy worth catching and “The Working Life” has considerable merit for lovers of traditional folk-roots-based music. – Music News Nashvile

“The Working Life” is a great sounding record with great musicians, a great singer, and songs of high quality. That the CD also features beautiful and quite poignant stories about the lives of the working class in the United States is a nice bonus. A must for any lover of this genre. – De krenetn uit de pop